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Calling Business Persons
Tell us about your concern, we assure you a cost effective solution for you


Hello Businessmen!


You are good and successful at your core business.


This is because you are competent to understand it. You know all in's and out's of your trade no one can take advantage from you.


It is wiser and profitable for you to spend most of your time in enhancing your business rather than learning the complicacies of IT/Telecom.


 We are good at our core (IT & Telecom)


 How about we take care of your IT & Telecom?


 Think again! World over this is the successful practice!


  • No more risky decisions by you.
  • No more obsolence.
  •  No more down time.
  •  No more delayed information.
  • No more dependence on your own helpless staff/supplier.


Tell us your budget, Plan, and here we go!


Doesn't matter where and in what stage your IT/Telecom stands today.


 We take over from the present stage as it is.


Our Business is good for Your Business!


TOTAL Business Solutions for you:


 IT & Telecom - "Hardware Hiring, Repair, Maintenance, up gradation and expansion with obsolence management.


 IT Software, adoption, usage and training your manpower.


Accounting  complete, how complicated (read customisable) it may be.


Billing   why depend on standard format only we offer in your liked design and information as per your will. Hotels, Restaurants and other entertainment and service industry why not try ones.


Inventory   complete as you dream of. Solutions of MNC distributors with high level MIS reporting are required.


Financial  full control in your finger tips.


Maintenance  Service Dept. full information of your service dept. Specially automobiles business (2/4 wheelers), Electronics, Mechanical & Electrical equipment manufacturers/ dealers/ service centers.


MIS (Management Information System) a relief from standard MIS reports. Now you design your own report as per your requirement.

o        Even ERP Solutions can be developed for you.

Taxation as applicable to you , fully flexible modules.

Trained Man Power for IT  you can source from our data bank or we take over full control of your requirement. No need to worry in case your present staff leaves or threatens to leave. We assure you a new person from day one and who is competent to take over the job immediately.


Data Entry Jobs  undertaken all kinds on contract basis. Now no need of engaging your costly staff for such petty jobs. Most of the industry worldwide out-sources such service.


Security & Access Control: we can take care of your security and access control policies. We have handled large jobs with satisfaction in this field.